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SafeCloud Privacy and Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The SafeCloud team welcomes you! Along this document we present the terms of use for all of SafeCloud’s applications and services. By using any of them you agree with these terms. Please read them carefully. If you have any question or doubt about this document please do not hesitate to contact us.

The SafeCloud services

To use the SafeCloud services you are required to comply with SafeCloud’s terms of use. You must use our services only through the official SafeCloud applications and should not attempt to access them by other means. We are entitled to stop or temporarily interrupt providing you with SafeCloud services if you misuse the services in any way.

You and SafeCloud

To use SafeCloud’s applications and services you will need to create your own SafeCloud account. To create a SafeCloud account we require you to fill some information about yourself. This information includes an email address, your name and a user name that must be unique in the SafeCloud environment. This information is stored by SafeCloud and complies with our Privacy Policy that you can check here(link). SafeCloud’s applications and services allow you to create and manage digital content however SafeCloud never stores, accesses or even relays any of this content. SafeCloud’s servers only manage SafeCloud’s user accounts and never the user’s media content (such as photos, videos or documents).

SafeCloud and User Content

SafeCloud provides users with a content management and synchronisation mechanism across different devices and platforms. It allows users to privately store their content in third-party Cloud Storage Providers. Content is therefore solely stored on the user devices themselves and on the configured third-party Cloud Storage Providers. The user must agree with the terms of use of each of the Cloud Providers he chooses to use. SafeCloud cannot be held responsible for any consequences of the use of such third-party services. Additionally, SafeCloud makes no guarantees on the service each one of such third-party Cloud Providers provides.


The SafeCloud team works hard to provide services and applications with very high quality standards. However, we provide our software and services “as is” and make no warranties over it. SafeCloud can not be held responsible for any consequences of the usage of our services. About these terms We might update these terms regularly, for instance, to reflect changes to the law. Please check them periodically. Every time these terms are changed we will advertise such change by contacting SafeCloud users.

Privacy Policy

When you use SafeCloud you trust us with some of your personal information. In the following we describe in detail which information we store and how we use such information.

The information we store

To access SafeCloud applications and services you need a SafeCloud account. The purpose of this account is twofold. First, we use your account to ease the configuration process of SafeCloud applications. Namely, we store the email addresses you use to access your storage providers. We also store your name, contact email address and SafeCloud username. We never store your storage providers passwords nor we ever have access to them. Each time those passwords are required, you are redirected to the providers authentication page and it is that provider that handles your authentication information. Second, we use your information to help you in the process of configuring your devices. For SafeCloud to work properly, it is important to configure the same third-party storage accounts across all your devices. Accordingly, we store information about those accounts to remind you which accounts you should configure to access a particular SafeCloud account content. Once again, we never store your accounts passwords.

Your information in SafeCloud

You have the right to access and change your personal information collected by SafeCloud at all times. To do so it suffices to contact us and we will help you in whatever change you need to perform. You are also entitled to request deletion of your SafeCloud account. Upon a deletion request we will delete all of your data stored at SafeCloud with exception of the data already stored in backup storage used to guarantee that our services and data are resilient to accidental and malicious attacks.

Contact us

If you have any questions or comments related to our terms and services or our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.