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What is the Cloud and what are Cloud Providers?

The Cloud is a metaphor for a set of computational resources. These resources can be storage space, processing power and network capabilities. In detail, the term Cloud is used when such set of resources is offered as a service to others and can be accessed and used remotely. A Cloud Provider is any entity that offers some resource as a service to other entities. In what follows, we only consider providers of storage space.

What is SafeCloud Photos?

Briefly, SafeCloud Photos is a photography app. It allows the user to take pictures, edit them and store them both locally (on the device) or remotely (using Cloud Providers). However, it requires the user to use at least two providers. SafeCloud Photos does not work for an individual provider. The novelty of SafeCloud Photos is that the data stored in each of the providers does not reveal any information whatsoever about the user’s pictures. Only the combination of data from all the providers in use allows the user’s data to be accessed. The result is that only the user, which has access to all the providers, can access the data. SafeCloud Photos is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Why do we need SafeCloud Photos?

Nowadays, we rely on Cloud-based services for storing our information and data. However, the Cloud is not secure. The Cloud can and has been hacked as well as spied on by intelligence agencies. The SafeCloud app uses theoretically proven mechanisms to scatter data across different cloud providers in such a way that, from the point of view of the cloud provider, that data is indistinguishable from random data. Note that, each piece of data remotely stored is not a random part of the photo nor it is a subset of it. It is an entire new piece of data that, individually, cannot be used to recover the original photo. Only you, who has access to the different cloud providers at the same time, can combine that data and access its actual content. As a consequence, SafeCloud ensures that even if a cloud provider is hacked or spied, your data cannot be accessed.

What happens if a Cloud Provider fails?

In the unlikely event of a provider failure, SafeCloud Photos is prevented from storing new photos online and synchronizing them across your devices. However, each device still holds a copy of your photos so you do not loose access to them. As soon as the provider recovers, SafeCloud Photos will resume its normal behaviour.

What iOS devices does SafeCloud Photos support?

SafeCloud Photos supports the following iOS devices:

Why can't I use my OneDrive for Business account?

SafeCloud Photos does not currently support OneDrive for Business. We are working on this.

What if something goes wrong?

At SafeCloud we are working hard to provide you with the best user experience possible. However, if you encounter any difficulty please do not hesitate in contacting us. We are here to help you.